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Chapouo O Napgok protect your people !

Protect the land of Pouo Kankouah !

Let glory from mounain to mountain rise !

The hymn of kokni be the daily bread

Caues thy love eternal is our shield.


Land of Kouakou and Makombe,

Batcha, thou art the land of the nobles.

The braves wash their faces in work

To give thou the design of the new dawn

The new clothes pleasing generations.


Land of promise, yes, still many rivers to cross

Thy sons and daughters understand the needs,

The deepest call from Batcha depths .

They will never forsake their treasure.

Be a native of the land of marvels

What a pride , a heavenly gift !


The sweet music of mwe and kokni,

On mortal tongues rings the harmony,

Gets ants in our pants and joy in our hearts .

Lo,  rocks, valleys, rivers and forests jerk

When the breathe of Batcha, the beauty,

In the global village awakes unity and differences.


Thank you o Father God, the Greatest Maker

For Batcha the Santa Claus surprise,

The light of joy, brotherhood and freedom

Over the cradle at the foot of the mount !

The voice of Pouo Kankouah in unisson :

Thank you Lord !



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